A Christ Centered Recovery program.

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find freedom.

SEVEN is a Christ Centered Recovery Group that meets every Tuesday at 7PM. We have freedom from alcohol, drugs, gambling, sexual addictions, and traumas through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

At SEVEN we offer help and hope to those whose lives have been affected by addiction, trauma, hurts, habits, and hang-ups. We incorporate the 12 steps into our recovery process along with other resources.

About us

At SEVEN, we strive to be:

A place to safely share struggles, celebrate victories and experience hope

A place of refuge

A place where YOU belong

A place to care for others and to be cared for by others

A place where every member is respected

A place where confidentiality is highly regarded

A place to learn

A place to grow

A place to become strong

A place where you are free to take off your mask forever

A place for healthy challenges and healthy risks

A place for life-changing turning points to occur

At SEVEN we strive not to be:

A place where selfish control is exercised

A place of therapy

A place of secrets and shame

A place to seek dating relationships

A place to rescue or be rescued by others

A place where perfection is expected

A place where judgment of others is acceptable behavior

A place to find a quick fix to an addiction

A place to connect with other addicts in furthering your own and/or their addiction

Meetings are specifically geared toward support for the addict or alcoholic in the process of recovery. While we do not restrict attendance at these meetings, we respectfully remind all in attendance that the sanctity of the information shared within these walls should never be violated. What is said here and heard here should stay here when we leave here. Visitors are welcome. Spectators are not. Click to see meeting times and dates.

Our purpose

we support you.

We are not marriage counselors, financial advisors, or loan agents. We are those who God has delivered from the throes of active addiction and have begun a new life we attempt to pattern after His in every way possible. Our primary purpose is to provide a strong base of spiritual support for you in your efforts toward recovery.


5770 Saunders Ave.

Loomis, CA 95650709 

our hours

7 PM